You Know You Have Read Enough Microeconomics When...

1. You start to describe familiar things with terms you just read: this coffee max my utility, this roud is quasiconcave here -at point p^0.

2. When you're allowed (by the utility maximizing schedule you planned) to have a pause, you can't stop right away as you're just in the middle of juicy / sexy calculus.

3. You start to enjoy the theory that has no implications to real life, but it is indeed genius.

4. After a while you can't concentrate anymore. You count the hours you have been studying micro. 9 hours in total. No wonder you're tired.

5. In order to minimize your expenditure function e(p,u) while keeping your utility at level u ( same as two hours ago), you relax by thinking about how nicely concave the roud is in your way to home.

To be continued.....


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