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Time Flies Faster Each Year

It has been a while from my last update. Now, things are very different. The core courses are passed and I have started to write down the first article that I am conducting with my supervisor. I spend most of the autumn coding with STATA and hold the exercise sessions for microeconomics II. At first, the coding was very boring, I admit. Yet, it became more and more interesting as I learned more about it. Shortly, my graduation might actually happen some day and I enjoy my work. 
As the most studies are done for now and I don't any more relate so much with the term "student" (although the tittle is doctoral student), the blog carries a name "My Academic Journey" to suit better for the research oriented degree of PhD. The old name "My kind of student life" was meant to describe how differently one might complete the bachelor and master degrees. I did a lot of choices in favor of academics over social happenings as my goal was to became a PhD student. T…