Time Flies Faster Each Year

It has been a while from my last update. Now, things are very different. The core courses are passed and I have started to write down the first article that I am conducting with my supervisor. I spend most of the autumn coding with STATA and hold the exercise sessions for microeconomics II. At first, the coding was very boring, I admit. Yet, it became more and more interesting as I learned more about it. Shortly, my graduation might actually happen some day and I enjoy my work. 

As the most studies are done for now and I don't any more relate so much with the term "student" (although the tittle is doctoral student), the blog carries a name "My Academic Journey" to suit better for the research oriented degree of PhD. The old name "My kind of student life" was meant to describe how differently one might complete the bachelor and master degrees. I did a lot of choices in favor of academics over social happenings as my goal was to became a PhD student. The new goal is to get abroad for a longer time, to graduate and to get a job. I wish to be able to make even a small difference with my research, but before that I have still a lot to learn. 

The economic department also moved to the other (much prettier) side of the building. I probably should post new pictures from my office that I share with my dear colleague Saara. The room is one of the most beautiful one on the most beautiful campus of Finland. Additionally, our effective time is different. Usually, Saara is on fire in the mornings and I am most effective in the evenings. It is also easy to our supervisor to check us both at the same time. 

I am also very lucky to be part of research project Innomitta II, which has introduced me to researchers outside my daily circles and to the Aarhus university. The project took me to Denmark for the first time of my life. During the conference, I learn about innovation research and the hottest trends that are believed to bring more competitiveness for Denmark and Finland. I have also been very lucky last summer, when our supervisor send two of my closest colleagues and me to  conference in Rome. There we met lots of interesting people and Federica Sist who had given us good advises about eating and shopping in Rome. She is coauthoring with our Professor Panu Kalmi. These international possibilities fascinate me as much as exchange semesters and research exchange. In addition to the extra motivation, my colleague and I decided to start learning Italian.

(c) Saara Vaahtoniemi & Jaana Rahko

(c) Jaana Rahko & Saara Vaahtoniemi 

At the time, we had no clue that we might benefit our new hobby at work as well. Now, it seems that our department gets the first international research member - from Italy! The plan is to speak Italian to him and to learn to speak the language better. Hopefully, he will also feel more like home.


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