Almost Normal Day at the University - Writing Challenge Day ZERO

A deadline for a nice conference is approaching. I have preliminary results, some knowledge of relevant literature - and a will to try.  

I printed slides from the same author as here but a bit in different form. From now on, I try to follow the steps and finish the first preliminary version of the paper in approximately 7 days. And yes, I need pressure. That is why I make it now official. If I fail, I buy the best chocolate bar I know and give it to my boyfriend. I will not eat the chocolate, I'll just watch him eating... I promise. 

This also a good test for the advise as this is my first article. I have written two thesis (bachelor's and master's), but this is very different. If you have tried these advises before, please let me know.

Bikes in front of Fabriikki building.

About the normality. The snow is still with us. As typical, bikes are in use. Additionally, we were blessed again with the sun shine. After the dark winter, to see the sun feels always wonderful.  

Bikes in front of our library Tritonia. This library is an amazing place! 

More bikes! Also faculty uses them.

About the tasks of day zero: "where you publish matters". The main sources that our paper uses, are of jufo ranking 1 ("basic"). Thus, I believe it is best to aim at that. What is jufo? Shortly, it is a Finnish ranking of journals. If you publish in a highly ranked journal, the university gives you a very nice bonus. However, the ranking is a living one and it depends on your field how hard or easy it is to get a good publication. There are lots of disagreements on jufo.  

Today, I'll still read some more articles when I get back home and organize the collected references so that it is easier to refer to them when writing. I am excited to see how this "How to write a journal article in seven days" works for this preliminary first version of the dissertation.

Sincere thanks to the Thesis Whisperer for inspiring texts!


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