Writing about the data was an ease. it is actually at least as cool as the coding itself.  

The first words of today's advises. 
Today was almost perfect but then my computer, my darling, refused to log me in. After restarting twice, I took him to the ICT management that told me to my relief that my darling had just dropped from the domain. What a relief! At the same time, there was a possibility to ask (stupid) questions (that will make my laptop and my relationship much smoother) and update some settings.

ICT management was better and faster than I had thought. In minutes my laptop was back to normal

Some spirit lifting of today: 

The weather is (again!!?!) perfect.
my mascots <3

And, the lunch. This is pure lucky: the super salad and pannacotta as dessert.
Results so far shortly: 
  1. 5 min free writing gave the first sentences to the Data chapter! Wow.  
  2. Data description starts to be long enough but still I would like to say something more about it
  3. My supervisor prof Piekkola read and commented the data chapter. It wasn't that bad. :) 
(oh and I had some coffee. It tastes much worst than in home, I'll stick with tee at work)


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