Day FOUR - the Direction is Right

The view of the other window. 
Today's suggestion were full of cool ways to get started. But! I just started explaining our data issues and I am still doing that. Additionally, I made already the outline during the first days. It is a relief to see that some ideas have developed even further. Still, I need much more new text per day as I wrote today. MAYBE it is time to change tee to coffee.

The day started with 5 min writing challenge. To start from somewhere is the hardest part of it. Again from it, I gained one cool new context of the research.

This is how the advises for today look like: 

My favorite advise so far (even though I didn't exactly follow this as I already had some text)

The order of presentation in my field is much more simple: introduction, theory, empirical stuff, results and discussion. 
Yet, all in all, I'm "late". Friday wasn't as productive as I hoped. The train was fully booked because of the winter holiday and I didn't get a seat. However, I spoke with my mom for one and half hours and was much earlier in Vaasa than I had let myself to prepare.
 Wish me luck. :) 


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