DAY ONE going!

So, now it really started. I find a need to sketch the literature review part. I am planning to write first from the big picture, which is the theory of growth here, and then go nearer and nearer to the literature dealing with the main issues of this research.

The main part of today's guideline. 

From How to write a journal article in 7 days I had to identify today what is driving the research and typical headings of that sort of a paper. So far I have now a some sort of table of content. It feels too little for one day. Yet, today I identified how I should write the paper. (This sounds silly.)  The gain of this paper is the empirical results. The text needs to stress what have been done in the literature, how this research relates to them, the methods and of course the results.

A draft of a draft of a draft. 

Today's specialty in the workplace was a visitor from Rome. Thus, this week we are very international small department with two Italians! We are so lucky! :)   


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