day seven out of seven and good food

To get good food is important as it stimulates positivism for the entire day. Thus, this post is a thank you to our lunch restaurant, Cafe Leison, where I went for lunch alone today as there were no one else present. Another specialty of our department: researchers from doctoral students to emeritus tend have lunch together. As we are small and open department, there is very little hierarchy. And no, I'm not trying to avoid telling about my writing process.... 

As we moved to this beautiful side of the building called Tervahovi, my friends and I faced a temptation to just eat fast in the employee restaurant Alma where university supports the lunch by couple of euros. However, the food is better at Cafe Leison. 

Alma, the place to eat right around a corner from our office.

I was super happy for pizza and extra dessert that is typical on Fridays. 

Leison cafe <3

But. The. Research. I guess you don't care, but I have almost 3000 words. It is 15 pages long, the literature review is not even in the middle way. Yet in addition to that, only conclusions is the only uncompleted of the first of many draft version. Last evening, I read an article of Corrado, Haskel, Jona-Lasinio, & Iommi (2013) and in the morning I wrote the complete draft of the introduction using the references I already knew and the statements of above mentioned authors (of course using citations). 

I went late for the lunch because I wanted to send a version to my supervisor before going to eat. I know that after lunch, it takes some time to get back the sharp focus on what you were previously doing. I hope he has some time to comment on the texts that I have to late stop editing. The conclusion is one of the most important parts. The paper will be written enough so that it can be submitted but it is sure that is not publishable yet. In addition, there has become a new update on Eurostat input output data, which means new estimations and possibly new results. After the coffee brake, there are still couple of hours left - AND a weekend. Although, I'll move to a new apartment on Sunday, which eats quite a lot of energy and time. But hey, the deadline is  only on Monday! ;) 

However, we can now conclude that writing an scientific article draft is only possible if you know the literature by heart. In addition, the literature is a living thing. There will always be more to read and cite. Thus, I don't believe in writing a difference making draft of an article withing a week. Still, we should never underestimate the power of deadline. This Seven day challenge has made me much more productive that I would have otherwise been. I would like to do it again but with clearer daily goals, including the 5 min writing challenge that actually waked some cool perspectives. I must recommend that technique. 

Have a Happy Weekend!  


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