Day THREE and Work Trip to Helsinki

On Monday, I started mentally preparing for the early wake up today. On Wednesday, I went to body balance at 7:30 am (- and I was late). Today, the train left at 7:00 am (and I made it). It was the same train that I took sometimes to the core courses of FDPE (Finnish Doctoral Program in Economics), held in Helsinki.

My visitor card at the Statistics of Finland. 

Today’s schedule looks busy: afternoon goes to a project meeting about the data contraction. I expect to be back in Vaasa at 9 pm after which I have a meeting with my friends to whom I have promised to make a small discussion outline about (personal) savings. That’s a subject that I could write a lot about. 1) Finnish people should save more as my generation cannot trust to have the state paid pension. 2) How nicely the savings accumulate into a fortune if you start saving early (historical perspective) and 3) there are awesome stories about how people have retired early or how people are saving for it.

Picture taken from the train's window. We were in the middle of nowhere.

The best part in this work trip is that our travel secretary gave me tickets to the 1st class on the train. Our "sister department" (business law) had bought super cheap tickets here and these last two tickets were getting old in two weeks. In other words, I was super lucky to get these. This (usually) means a good working atmosphere. So, I’ll make now an “Omstart”  ("new beginning" in Swedish). The plan is to do the 5min writing challenge at least once (result: one good point for the second paper of the dissertation! Maybe this method works) and write to the chapter “Background”.


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