day TWO - this is not going to work...

Quite unsurprisingly, perhaps, this feels doomed. Or maybe it is the weather: it snows heavily even though it is probably hard to see from the picture..

Today's task was about "tiny text" = abstract. Well, now I have the first abstract draft version but I am sure it is not good enough: the data is unmentioned and my supervisor surely wants it there. Adding it, however, will violate the sense of "flow"... I decided to get back to that later. The questions to start with and then the rule of placing the answers into an abstract were helpful. That was painless! Even though, starting with the abstract felt weird. Next, there were suggestions for the title. I made five competing titles, couple of them look quite cute. But is cute good enough? At this stage probably yep. 

As it feels that there are too little to do for these first days, I peeked to the next day. I wanted to kept the concepts as a secrets that I read then in the mornings as that made me stay excited for the next mission. There was a suggestion to "free write" 5 min every day and re-write 3 min (during 2 weeks!). Well, I tried it. The result was useless. I went back to my old habits of just writing to a chapter something that I think belongs there. And then seeing some sentence that belongs to data modification and relocating it there.... I think I'll loose that chocolate bar. 

But I need this finished anyway.


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