Employee Co-Operation Negotiations at our University

The Finnish law states how the employer should act when faced a need of decrease the number of employees. The Finnish universities are forced to cut spending as the government is cutting the funding. Our university fired less than ten from the support services. The University of Vaasa is my first long time employer so I didn't have any experiences on these lay offs before. It is surprising how sad and tired I have felt and still feel, even though I am not working on the support team. No wonder that the literature finds these situations as a drop in productivity. 

It is hard to say anything worth saying about this situation, it is sad even though the rector made it clear that this they didn't want to do. The most rational feeling is targeted to one colleague, friend should I say: a beautiful and clever young women. I am very concerned how this will affect our coffee club, where we spend all the pauses at work, when this one very important and dear person will no longer join us. Of course I am also worried for her as the general economic situation cannot be praised. The only hope I see is that maybe she will join the spring and the pre-Xmas parties of the coffee club in the future like she used to so many years before. She is the heart of a good party and the best organizer that one could ask for. 

Also the local news wrote about these negotiations (in Finnish). I wish that the resources provided by the university help our friend and the other persons that we will be missing. 

The University's logo and other advertisements.

At least the sun is shining, the sea is still on ice and we still have some snow.
 Better continue writing the funding applications. 

Picture taken from our office's window


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