Thoughts of SIXTH Day - so much to be done

When you wonder why the university is empty, wonder no more: it's probably the time of the Exam Week.
Morning emptiness. 
Morning light and fog.
I declared to myself that the data chapter is done (for now). The method and results shall also be doable no reader is going to check them with the introduction and conclusions are bad. The goal of today has been to get some words down to the background chapter that still need a lot more attention and is far from finished. I don't like to tell about thinks that I have to do. I think it's better just do them. Here, is a sentence that is likely to appear in the final version of the research paper: 

 How and why does knowledge spill over is more than an academic question” concluded Audretsch and Feldman (2003).

I am unsure if it is okay to start the introduction chapter with direct quote, but for now Chapter 1 starts with word of Audretsch and Feldman. 

Why is spillover more than academic issue? 
1) Companies are interested to get spillovers (like from universities)
2) To attract companies on the area policymakers want to provide good conditions for entrepreneurs. The reason lies in empirical evidence of entrepreneurs promoting regional growth. The region of Vaasa is a good example of this. Many locals dream about their own business and the business environment is very lively. 

As the day was extremely pretty today, here are some more pictures. I'll go back to writing the article :) Have a happy Thursday! 
The sunrise and in the horizon the bridge is covered on fog. 

The new invention: riding bicycle on ice.


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