Valentine's Day at the University

This morning all university staff was invited to celebrate the Valentine's Day in local restaurant at 9.00 AM. Our rector hold two speeches (one in Finnish and one in English) about the Finnish traditions of 14.2. In Finland, the day is not for lovers only: it is mostly for friends and even companies tend to do something nice for their workers for that day as an act of friendship.  

We had (chocolate!) cake and coffee /tee. Additionally, persons that had served the university of Vaasa a long time got rewards. One of them was my favorite mach teacher: Matti Laaksonen. It is refreshing to have special events on campus from time to time. We also had traditional lottery where all persons that are present and registered for the event can win some awesome gifts, like university products or lunch tickets. This time, our table didn't wan. Maybe next year!

Saara, Jaana and I enjoyed our chocolate cakes together. 
Have a happy Valentine's Day and don't forget your Friends


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