Work-Life balancing and couple of pics of our office

 Have you tried out yoga, body balance or something similar? In university of Vaasa, it is very convenient to train at the Vaasa Sports Club that is located on the campus. Last week I went to body balance at 7.30 am and my head was full of thoughts related to work. Those thoughts were in my head during day and they also come to my dreams. Today, I could concentrate on the movements much better. Firstly, the work trip is done and secondly I believe that balance had a role to play. When I was at work after the training, I was on fire. I finished a task after task. Yet, I admit, in the afternoon I was very tired. 

Our office is divided into two parts, mine and Saara's. My desk is messy when I am in the middle of a process or project where as Saara likes it clean and organized. What I need more than physical organization is an organization in my mind. For that purpose training yoga or body balance is pure gold. 

Our desks and a window. 

The Window! 
My main windows.

It is hard to be sad with this kind of views.


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