International Women's Day, PhD and Career

Happy women's Day!

To celebrate strong women, here is a speech of Nadia Jaber, who explains outside Academia options and tells her PhD career story. Just like her, I have searched online for different kind of career advice that resulted as activating this blog, following couple of blogs and buying a career advice book. The book tells about how to get a tenure track job. However, some outside academia options are starting to sound enlightening. It is going to be interesting to see where I end up, but here Jaber describes how much PhD students need career advices - and how to provide them to yourself:

The Economist published a the glass-ceiling index. If you put 100% weight on education cap, Sweden and Finland are on the top. Indeed, when I started my PhD journey, half of the new PhD students in Finland were women. In our economic department, 75 % of PhD students that are present at the university are women. However, the professors and assistant professors are all male - for now. In the whole business department, there are more women as professors, associate or assistant professors. Yet, in Phd students the share is about 50-50. Additionally, our principal Suvi Ronkainen is outstanding professional women. 

In the Finnish media, the wage difference is a hot topic. It is true that women usually earn less than men, but think it in this way too: the man work notably more hours! The media states that a women's euro is zero point something about the euro of a male but it is unclear how they have calculated this, if it is calculated from hour wage, I have to agree. If it is calculated from salary, the story is different.

I have two friends that both have the same degree earned and both work for the same accounting company. The man works 10 - 13 hours a day and the women 8 hours. Guess which earns more? Another aspect is the maternity leave. Why couldn't the father stay home that time instead of mom? 


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