Choose Economics as Major Subject! (promotion notes)

In Finland, you need to pass entrance examination before you can start studying at an university. Then you will obtain a study place either for bachelor degree or for both bachelor and masters degrees. There are, however, some exceptions. If your math grades are good, you may get a study place in mathematics or if you get enough points from your matriculation examination, you might get a study place from technology without an extra exam. 

In business studies, you need to take the entrance examination. The nice part is, that in some universities - like the university of Vaasa - the first year students choose their major subject in the late spring. Thus, the students have more time to think what really interests them. This week, the departments were "recruiting" students: Telling them why to choose subject X.

Our supervisor, prof Piekkola, having a speech

This year, marketing had copied our idea of legendary Pre-Christmas party, which offers discussion topics year round, and our biggest themes were internalization, environmental economics and good career prospects. We also had our recently new graduate, Jussi, telling the first year students about his career and student experiences. Of course, we offered cake and cookies for the prospective students. 

Jussi told them that he had first chosen finance but he wanted to know where the financial facts arise and he also valuated personal contacts. Thus, he changed his major to economics and works currently with pharmaceutics. Even today, Jussi sometimes comes for lunch to discuss with us about how his classmates are doing, how he is doing, how politicians are doing, investments& savings and life in general. We are a small department with amazing students. 

Why did I choose economics in spring 2011? Well, I am actually a cover humanist. I want to understand how the world works and I saw the monetary interactions and contracts as a huge part of human created world. As the refugee crises is now the big topic in EU, it is therefore natural that now I am personally very interested in international relations as a science (but hobbies are good!). However, in economics I like the possibility to use math in increasing the understanding of how and why the global economy works.

Our department ordered cakes for fifty or more and not much was left over. As the fridge was too small, we took advantage of the local climate and the locked terrace:

Our promo cakes in a natural fridge. 


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