Coding and Learning to Edit - Do the Draft Fast

The day started with starting STATA that is one of most used software with empirical economics, like R. If doing a theoretical macroeconomics, Matlab would be a good choice. Today, I have been multitasking. While the code runs, I'll focus on a online lectures about academic writing. It is free but the certificate costs. The quality is the standard Stanford (which is amazing) so far. But as I'm coding at the same time, I listen to each multiple time. The coding is still on the middle way as the idea was to different results with the new data. However, this accounts as a robustness test. Better get back coding but first some words about practicing editing and some picture!

The sun rising at 7:20 AM. (no filter!)

To share some enjoyable tricks on editing:

  • in making the sentence sort, save the original sentence. Edit the words that are not truly necessary. If you don't like the result, you can use the original version. This ease the process especially when you have an extra words that you find sounding nice. However, if they are not essential to the message, they should be deleted. 

    Some quick fixes that I found worth writing down..
  • are of the same opinion -- > agree
  • all five of the country groups--> the five country groups
  • give rise to --> cause
  • have an effect on --> affect
  • does not have --> lacks
  • did not pay attention to --> ignored
  • did not succeed --> failed

    Something that is useless:
  • as it is well known
  • it should be emphasized
  • adverbs: very, quite, generally
  • there is /there are 
  • needless prepositions: that, on
Note that usually the best advises on writing are intuitive but implementing them on the writing process is harder. At least to my experience. My favorite practical advice was: 

at 9:00AM
My desk, at 9:00AM, Ready to Code!

Do the Draft fast, use a lot time on editing cause editing makes the text sound like wanted. 


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