Me? A Visiting Researcher?

Yesterday, the plans for research exchange took big steps. The Doctoral School of the university of Vaasa arranged an info-meeting concerning all the international possibilities that we PhD students can take advantage of. Our international coordinator Juhani Moisio listed all gateways to abroad and Virpi Juppo listed possible places to apply for travel grant and reasons to do a research exchange. We also got advice for 1) when to start 2) where to start and most importantly 3) talk to your supervisor. 

They also noted that the process is different if you work for the university of Vaasa. This is my case. As the plan is to stay two semesters, I need to check:
  1. HR supports this exchange (supervisor, project cordinator and host: check)
  2. the social security
  3. taxation
  4. personal expatriate insurance
  5. expatriation travel plan
  6. register at the destination country (in Scandinavia we don't need visas) 
  7. And funding for the spring term (my contract ends in December)  
  9. travel grants?? 
As some of you may know, I have been in exchange twice. Once as an erasmus student (in Mainz, Germany) and once as a visiting graduate student (at Stanford, USA). One of the most important thing that I have learn is not to take anything from granted. The systems are so different that you simply cannot assume anything. I value these internationalization possibilities a lot: they can always get me exited. These possibilities give me a sense of freedom - possibility to learn more languages and widen my perspective. I have already loaned a book about learning Danish, today I found online course! Thus, I'll have plenty of hobbies there: sports (yoga or pilates and bodybalance and bodypump) and Danish. Of course this is first and for most important and good for the dissertation and my career as a researcher. 

So, I wrote to HR and travel coordinator asked how I should proceed. I wrote to Carter to whom I'm very thankful for being my host in Denmark and for being my referee. There is lot to plan and lot to do but the length is now approximately confirmed: I'll stay also the spring term, regardless of funding issues. I reasoned with my self that if I'll be living with my savings, I would prefer staying abroad instead of returning home. I already made a mistake here: I informed Carter before my supervisor who said that the department has saved some money from projects. This means that I shouldn't worry too much: I'll get food. However, everyone seems convinced that the funding will arrange itself. The older colleges say that it is easy to get funding for research exchange. I wait impatiently the decisions of the foundations and search for other foundations.

The Spring is finally here! Grass! 


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