New Tasks Ahead for the Dissertation

After yesterdays deadline, I feel a sudden emptiness. Today, I submitted (probably) the last funding application of this spring. And now what? 

The Morning Sun 

1) Possibility of an another conference deadline
2) Cool happenings at the university of Vaasa
3) Data update --> adjustments to the code --> new text and the results might change --> even more to write. 
4) Personal development options online

1 - The conference is unfamiliar but clearly it has some history: link to last year pages

Although, there is one familiar Finnish economist as an organizer. Other good aspects: the deadline is after the last date of submission results to the other conference I submitted the paper and the target paper presenters are PhD students! 

2 - The university of Vaasa has more than enough things to keep you busy. The Energy Week is approaching. Next week there is a welfare training session about mindfulness. On Thursday, the Finance seminar has very interesting presentation about ETF and selection ability. To my studies, the most important day is next Monday when there starts a course about Writing Better Academic English.

3 - There is an update on R&D (research and development) data of OECD that would make our data better with less missing variables. 

4 - The internet is full of classes and courses, I am dreaming about learning Danish, more about writing scientifically, teaching math and MOOC. To know some danish would be very useful,if the research exchange realizes next autumn. Of course, one could always improve the writing style. Teaching methods are important for staying in the academia. Yet, I must say that the institutes and some companies are starting to look very tempting! In this part 4 it is also very important that the content is something I feel like doing for fun and unprofessional interests as these are something to get done during the leisure. Currently, I participate on beginners Italian II hold by the Open University of Vaasa. As it is for a university credit, it is a bit too heavy (especially as I am studying Italian for fun). Thus, a self paced learning would be more interesting form of learning any of the upper specified. 


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