Nordiska Veckan - The Nordic Week

Jette Nordam, ambassador of Denmark
The theme of this weeks has been the Nordic countries. There were many open lectures during tree days in the university of Vaasa. On Monday, the ambassador of Denmark hold a speech about similarities and dissimilarities of Finland and Denmark. As the Danish is in written form sometimes possible to confuse with Swedish, I thought that the speech would be in Swedish or English. Well, it was in Danish, I couldn't follow much. I understood that she expected all participants to study the Nordic languages as a major subject so I think that her expectations were exceeded as someone outside showed up. Denmark is really interesting in all aspects: business models, branding (many expensive brands), education (famous universities), labor markets (really good unemployment benefits that run quickly off) and culture (the Danish food and beer are amazing). Even the language is cool: it is almost like Swedish and almost like German but non-understandable. They even have couple of own letters!


Yesterday, I participated in lecture of Michael Oksanen about organization called Pohjola-Norden that opened new webpages today in order to celebrate the day of Norden (23rd of May). Those two hours were very beneficial. I learned that almost all co-operation that one might wish for exists between Nordic countries - but one needs to know where to look for information. Moving between Nordic countries is made extremely easy.  The information about moving between Nordic countries can be found on Haloo Pohjola (Hello Norden) pages in Swedish and Finnish. Compered moving to Germany (where all info is in German) this feels too easy: there are clear instructions in Finnish how I should or may proceed. Additionally, if you want to apply for citizenship, some of the years spend in other Nordic countries count. For example, for Danish citizenship one needs to have lived in Denmark for 10 years. Years spend in other Nordic countries count up to 50 %. Haloo Pohjola has information from housing to insurances. Great tool!

Pohjola-Norden has also an organization for young people, PNN, in which I signed up right away!

We got a peek at the new webpages before they became official. 
Oksanen told us about Nordjobb that helps  people of ages 18-28 to go for work in another Nordic country. Nordjobb helps in finding the job, organizing the housing and offers leisure program. Thus, it is much more than summer job. 

Shortly about history in Finland

Pohjola-Norden was established already in 1924 in Finland and the most members were man. Then, a family membership was established and finally in 1965 the PNN was founded. During that time, the organization has developed and the free moving between Nordic countries has served as a model for EU. Now, Pohjola-Norden is finding development ideas. 

Future plans

As the organization already offers all I even thought of wishing for, I only find one improvement part. You see, I found out yesterday that there are language courses of 2 -3 weeks of all Nordic languages. The problem was that the deadline went 15th of May. All in all, I had no idea that this organization offers so much possibilities, happenings and wants new participants. What they need is more visibility and fame. More advertisements and more participation in the social media! However, I am very delighted that the organization participated on the Nordic week at the university of Vaasa. They gained at least one more member. 


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