Some Motivating TED Talks Stored

This text has some just found TED talks. I don't usually listen to TED but when I do, I search for inspiring speaks and cool tips. As you can see, my week end was full of new motivation towards different sources: 


Reggie Rivers underlines that we should focus on things that we can affect instead of the outcome itself. His speech helps to get perspective and to see what you really can do. I liked his examples. 

Scott Geller speaks about want vs obligatory; success seeker vs failure avoidance; and how to feel and make feel empowered. The check of empowered: 1) can you do it? 2) will it work? 3) is it worth it? 3 yes = competent  --> self motivated.

But that's not all. He also proved that we can all learn from each other that is also an important assumption in my research. Geller tells how he taught his drum teacher how to teach drum rolls by explaining his learning. This is actually a spillover effect, the customer (student) buys knowledge of playing drums. The teacher learn accidentally how to explain drum rolls. 

Now, if we replace teacher as country X and student as country Y, we can argue that the situation of country X can also be learning by exporting. Learning by exporting literature finds two reasons for exporting firms to be more efficient than non exporting. 1) they learn from exporting, 2) they are more efficient at the start already! 

Tai Lopez justified why to read more books. He made me remember my classics reading project that should be continued. Books help you to learn from the best. Lopez also suggested finding a mentor. 

The last 2 minutes are the reason for listing this. The advice of Adam Leipzig help also in conferences. The most terrifying question is what is your dissertation about and why do you write about it. This advice of Leipzig could work for that too. Maybe I could say that I research for peace and open international trade? What drives me is to show how important the trade connections are. My research underlines the benefits to both trading sides. I need to practice this more :) 


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