Tervahovi Today in Pictures

In the University of Vaasa, Tervahovi is the main building for business students and faculty. My office is in the see side of this long building. Tervahovi has many windows that bring in the natural light when the sun is shining. The name Terva comes from tar that was traded here. When Tervahovi was under construction, an old tar barrel was found. The city donated the barrel to the university and it exhibit in the lobby of Mathilda. The second part of the name, "hovi", means a court. 

Sun setting behind Tervahovi

Almost inside Tervahovi.

The view from Tervahovi to the courtyard and  the red Puuvilla buildings

Tervahovi is under renovation, the walls of our corridor got new layers of white.

Tervahovi has many windows that bring the nature even closer.

Sun is hiding behind the clouds. 


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