The German Week in Tritonia, Library on Campus

This week the students, faculty, visitors and every interested person had possibility to enjoy German movies and culture for free. The week was organized for forth time, if I remember correctly, by Goethe institute, Tritonia libraby and the University of Vaasa. 

Like previous years, I failed to participate this event properly. Yet, I enjoyed the German food that was provided by Café Oscar and Mathilda. I was thinking about going to watch Emmas Glück but I felt like I should work for the Writing Better Academic English class. We have a deadline on Sunday evening at 23.59 and for the lecture on Monday we should have read three texts of others. Yet, only two have submitted. This equals stress on Monday morning or work on Sunday. Hmm. 

Anyways, this years specialty in German Week was visit to Brock's. It is a German styled pub almost near to campus.  The visit included beer tasting - probably beers done at Brock's. You might have heard bad words towards Finnish food and/or beer, but they make fantastic beer. 

Like previous years, the decorations were awesome: German colored balloons. The lobby of the library had also posters that had themes of German history or culture. I hope this German Week tradition continues! 


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