Thoughts on "Something Not To Apologize For" by Nixon

4 Things You Shouldn’t Be Apologizing For by Melissa Nixon is a great to skim. The advises are very applicable to Finns. At least the number 1 is pretty obvious: don't apologize for being you. However, this is partly the same as number 3, "being driven". I am one of those people who dream big - and sometimes that big turns into reality. It is sad how some people (probably unconsciously) make you more "reality oriented".

When I was around 12 years old and competing in athletics I told my self: "someone needs to be the last one, it is always someone". When I was older and competing in swimming, I used to think that I am good only in breaststroke. During the first year in high school, I finally chose science over sports. My competition results hadn't improved for a year and I had discovered that school felt easier every year. At university, I started to dream really big. I reached the two biggest: studied abroad (twice) and got into PhD program. Thus from my little experience, dreaming big works. I should dear to continue dreaming.

Nixon lists also achieved success as "Don't apologize". This is a hard task, sometimes the luck truly place a role (e.g. exam questions or just happening to meet person X). Yet, I agree that you can affect to the probability by hard work and the rest is what you make from the lucky situation.


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