Writing writing writing - Ready for Eastern?

Why is the simple act - simply starting to write - so hard? I have read many hints and the best so far has been the "How to write a journal article in 7 days" that I made a challenge. I found a suggestion of how to end your day at work. It would be good to clean your desk and write down things that you need to continue on the second day. This practice of using sticky notes actually works well for me. I like to write down what I need to do during the week and then before leaving home, I like to write down where I was. So, when I come back, I can pick easily the task that is still under process. The most important part of this practice is that it supports me to relax during the leisure because I can be sure to remember what I need to do. A note that I wrote to myself once: "update the estimation table and work with the introduction and write about learning by exporting literature". As the data was updated, I was worried that the results would change dramatically, which would mean deleting lot of text. But they didn't! As the results are the opposite of what is usually found, I checked (for the fift time) the construction of imports and exports. I was worried that there might be a mistake. Like every time, there was no mistake. So, I really have to learn about the literature of learning by exporting. Speaking of which, it turned out very easy to find relevant articles:

As summer gets closer, the sun rises earlier every day. 
Salomon and Shaver (2005): "We argue that using innovation as a measure of learning provides a more direct appraisal of the phenomenon, and that firms can strategically access foreign knowledge bases and increase innovation through exporting activities."

Salomon and Jin (2008): "Results suggest that exporting provides the opportunity for firms in technologically lagging industries to gain exposure to more advanced knowledge in their destination markets, and for firms in those industries to increase their patent activity disproportionately relative to firms in technologically advanced industries."

Crespi1, Criscuolo and Haskel (2008) find support to the learning by exporting hypothesis:"firms who exported in the past are likely to learn more from clients (relative to other sources)". Their method was case studies that is far from the methods I am used. The use of different method strengthens the results.

After controlling the innovation level, Cassiman and Golovko(2011) find that the found relationship between productivity and exports vanishes for frontier firms.

Another interesting pick is meta-analysis of Martins and Yang (2009) where the abstract ends:
"-- Moreover, we find no evidence of publication bias." The authors report also that the exporting affects more on the first year in the new markets than the following year.

These are just random picks from Google Scholar but aren't they exciting?! I shall definitely cite some of them.

As the eastern holiday starts soon, I shall clean my desk today. That will probably take some time! An that photo has only the most cleanest side of my desk.. On the left, you can see traditional Finnish Mämmi that is eaten with sugar and milk during eastern. It tastes like sweet bread in a pudding format. And it does not taste as bad as it looks!


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