Are You Ready for Doctoral Studies? There is still time to apply.

Have you thought about starting doctoral studies but deadlines for next autumn already passed? 

Good news: there is still time to apply in Finland! The deadline for doctoral students is 29 April (31 October 2016 - although the previous link confusingly says 15th of November) in the university of Vaasa. Note: the exact deadline this year is 29.4.2016 even though the other link says 30. April. Here you can find more info regarding the intake. It is also noteworthy that there are other ways to fulfill the language requirement than the test only, see for more: admission

The most important part of your application is the connection to the prospective supervisor and your research plan. The researchers are divided into research groups that you can find here. I am part of Intangible Capital Research Group, but we research also macro/financial stability, time series, environmental economics and how people understand economic facts.  But like other universities, our web pages are a bit hard to navigate. If you want to find all members of the faculty, you should visit the page of the faculty, in our case that's here. In case of management, I suggest you check this page

Why Vaasa?
Well, why not? Vaasa is small safe town (but we call it a city) with international universities. The density of students in Vaasa is high: there are many applied universities and universities. Some are Finnish and other Swedish speaking. Also, when in grocery store, the cashier will great you with two languages. In some places, English is the main language because it is the common language. 

Price level:The costs of housing is low compared to Tampere, Turku or Helsinki. The city is small: you can probably survive with bike (no expenses on car or buses). Oh, and you probably don't need to pay for tuition here. 

The doctoral school: Is very good and recognized (the doctoral program in business studies was aggregated by EDAMBA). I recommend especially the seminars where you can get career, research exchange and writing advises. You have also possibility to attend the courses intented for all doctoral students in Finland. like FDPE for economists. 

Connections: by train (VR) and by plane (SAS, Finnair). There is also a boat connection to Umeå, Sweden...

The nature: is close and the campus is by the sea. The summer is especially beautiful with sun shining 24 hours per day. in a post beautiful day @ campus, you can find more pictures.

Updated in 26st of Oct by the autumn deadline.


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