Flu + Deadline = Hurry

Due to flu, I am late of schedule. A conference deadline is today. And I just discovered that my current version of abstract is far from good enough. Somehow, I still believe that I'll finish on time. As I was struggling this morning with the abstract, I again searched for advices, The first one was good enough: How to Write An Abstract

Philip Koopman defines 5 fraction in the abstract:

Motivation - why should I read this paper?
Problem statements - what are you aiming to solve
Approach - HOW do you do it?
Results - what you found
Conclusions - implication

Weekend is starting soon (except that there are still a lot of homework for the Writing better academic English class on Monday = work will follow me home)

My final (for now) version followed those for steps with one exception. The abstract doesn't present the method of estimation and instead it highlights the constructed data set. I am very thankful for the comments of my colleagues Saara Vaahtoniemi and Petri Kuosmanen. They helped to rise the abstract to a new level.


  1. It's so difficult to fulfill scholastic obligations while ill. Thanks for linking that how-to article; it's really well-written. I used to work in a writing center at a university, and students always struggled with abstracts. I'll have to save this link in case any acquaintances have questions about the topic. I hope the conference goes well!

    Leonardo @ U.S. Healthworks Medical Group

  2. Thanks for commenting, Leonardo.

    Yes, that source simplifies the abstract writing a lot. I found it very useful. Hopefully it can help others as well!


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