From Purpose to Paycheck - is a purpose really necessary?

Benjamin Hardy wrote an article justifying a lifelong plan ("If You’re Too Busy For These 5 Things: Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think"). My first impression was that this sounds like what a control freak would do. The I read on, there are some cool advises and the article even inspired one person to form a blog about presented ideas (in Finnish though). Yet, I agree with Benjamin P. Hardy on that you should have a some kind of a plan. Hardy emphases that you should know your why by quoting Michael Jr: Know Your Why. It is also a nice video. But the point that he made in the video was: when singer knew how he wanted him to sing, he sang so beautifully that the audience stood up. It was not his own "why" (e.g. purpose of singing) but this video is used to emphases why over what.

Today, I found amazing TED talk about purpose. After listening to this, I felt relieved. "Purpose" is simply a feeling. Terri Trespicio tells a hint for financing decisions: The more boring business idea, the more likely it is to make money. If the entrepreneur mentioned passion, don't put your money on it.  I think she made a point and sincerely recommend this short video to you. It costs only 10 minutes and 40 seconds of your day. 

      -"Feelings can change", concludes Trespicio.

Many people seek for this why / purpose that would help them get motivated. When I posted about motivating TED talks, this blog got the most views per day ever. Why is getting motivated so hard? It seems as if the purpose is not a singular and thus we need more than just one thing to get us feeling needed, impressive and good.  

It is true that finding the purpose stress many. I remember when I went for the first or second date with my current beloved one and I tried to get him to tell me: "what are you passioned about?". That was one and half years ago. Last night, I was asking the same question again: "Why are you doing what you're doing?"

From now on, I'll not ask again. Maybe the passion is nonsense. Or it might be a plural. Why can't we just be passioned about many subjects? How could we plan your life like we plan our day? Not everything is under our control. However, I admit having a five years plan (before it, I had a lifelong one and it was depressingly boring). 

I think that Terri Trespicio is right. And I am definitely listening to her mother. 


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