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I am thankful for the Niilo Helander Foundation

On Thursday, I was heading back to the central rail station, when I got an SMS from home. "You have a letter from the Niilo Helanter Foundation. Should I open it?". I quickly reply: "Opeeeeen it!". I wait for three seconds max, and phoned back to him. I was feeling excited and anxious at the same time. "Please say if it's positive or negative right away!" I begged. But why would they bother sending a 'no thanks' per mail..
Slowly, Jan started to read the letter. I wanted to scream of joy, but we don't do that in Finland. I had to be satisfied with crying out of happiness (quietly of course). The thing is, a grant makes you truly free. With a grant, you can go anywhere - if you like. I felt so free!
Couple of weeks back, I learned something new about myself. Planning big and far motivate me the most. I know that some of the plans sound too ambitious but small plans make me procrastinate.  Some people roll their eyes at my goals. Thus, I tr…

Last Weekend Outside


Work Trip to Otaniemi

The spring is turning into summer and my calendar is happily filled with work trips. Today, I went to Otaniemi that is in Espoo (a city by the side of Helsinki). We had our project group meeting at the office building of VTT that is also coordinating our project. Additionally, Carter was present through Skype. It was good to have many members of the research team sitting by "the same table".
Even though, I woke a 2.5 hours earlier than I'm used to, I manage to do a lot of work during the travel from Vaasa to Helsinki. Which is crucial for the next week's conference. From Helsinki, I then took a bus to Otaniemi. 

After the meeting, I got a ride to Ruoholahti, Helsinki, from where I walked to the station. It is always a pleasure to visit Helsinki, my old home city. It has developed so much during the time I have lived in Vaasa (soon 6 years). Helsinki is more international than it used to be. The city is also more and more like Stockholm and other notable cities. (kee…

Housing Application Process - Part 1

Phew, I have received the second offer for a furnished room. The first one was rented before I contacted the owner and the current offer is from StudenthousinAarhus. The dorm is located farer from the uni than I was hoping but in Aarhus standards that distance is fine. By bus, it takes 40 minutes to the uni and by bike a little bit more than 20min, according to google maps. Thus, it's clear why biking is so popular. Further, my Danish contact wrote to me that there is a nice nature area near. In this aspect, I feel like typical Finn: nature is important. From time to time I need to get out of urban area. 
So far, I have noticed one major difference to Finland: room is offered to many people at once. In this current offer, my number is 2. So, if number 1 accepts, I won't be notified and I don't get the room. If number 1 rejects, I get it (probably?)  - and then they email to me. 
Yet, I'm still considering whether to accept or reject the offer as the contract would sta…

Some STATA Coding Hint for Estimators

I present here one simple trick that makes your estimation coding much much nicer and faster. I have been using it before, but not with the current laptop. Thus, I just checked how to obtain it.

What does this magical code do? It creates a nice table of your estimation resultS. This enables you to check many regressions at once. Additionally, the table looks good and it uses the variable names you have in STATA.

First you need the packet. Just type ssc install estout, replace on stata command window. 
Then, when coding, you tell STATA that you want to keep the results by adding eststo: in front of your regression. Here is an example with a loop. 
foreach var in  spill1 spill2 spill3{ eststo: xtgls dlny $explanatory `var', fe } esttab using "$caritaoutput\output.rtf", replace
( note that $explanatory gives me variables saved there by global command. It is used like this: global explanatory var1 var2 var3 var4 )
Without the loop, the estimation would look like this (but report …

Erkki Liikanen: Financial Markets and Regulations

Today we had the honor of having Erkki Liikanen, the governor of Bank of Finland, at the University of Vaasa. He held an open lecture about the financial markets.

The financial crises widened our understanding of banks' excessive short-term funding and underestimation of the risks - especially systematic risks. Further, Liikanen noted that the banks haven't yet returned to the same profitability that they had before the financial crises. At the same time banks meet new competition.

Finnish Cultural Foundation, South Ostrobothnia Regional Fund

Yesterday, the funding decisions of South Ostrobothnia Regional fund became official. I am very thankful for the funding, first one for me, which will enable my research exchange at the Aarhus university during the next fall.

I was excited but also nervous when waiting to be called to collect the certificate. But when I heard "Kauppatieteiden maisteri Eklund Carita" I just stood up and walked to the stage - like automated. Unlike I had feared, I didn't stumble and soon the next person was also coming. Afterwards, I picked my favorite painting in the ballroom of the city hall of Vaasa and we immortalised that smile. 

Also the local newspaper Pohjalainen noticed this event held in the city hall of Vaasa. My colleague Siru Lönnblad and I made it to the front page - like many others. Another friend asked about the just received funding: "It does feel pretty nice doesn't it?" It feld fabulous to be trusted like this.