Housing Application Process - Part 1

Phew, I have received the second offer for a furnished room. The first one was rented before I contacted the owner and the current offer is from StudenthousinAarhus. The dorm is located farer from the uni than I was hoping but in Aarhus standards that distance is fine. By bus, it takes 40 minutes to the uni and by bike a little bit more than 20min, according to google maps. Thus, it's clear why biking is so popular. Further, my Danish contact wrote to me that there is a nice nature area near. In this aspect, I feel like typical Finn: nature is important. From time to time I need to get out of urban area. 

So far, I have noticed one major difference to Finland: room is offered to many people at once. In this current offer, my number is 2. So, if number 1 accepts, I won't be notified and I don't get the room. If number 1 rejects, I get it (probably?)  - and then they email to me. 

Yet, I'm still considering whether to accept or reject the offer as the contract would start from first of June. The earliest time for me to move in in the end of July. In practise, this means paying two months price for obtaining a room. It feels like a lot. However, the more I read about the dorm, the more excited I become. The dorm has strict rules for quiet hours (important) and own activity clubs (we don't have those in Finland).  


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