Work Trip to Otaniemi

The spring is turning into summer and my calendar is happily filled with work trips. Today, I went to Otaniemi that is in Espoo (a city by the side of Helsinki). We had our project group meeting at the office building of VTT that is also coordinating our project. Additionally, Carter was present through Skype. It was good to have many members of the research team sitting by "the same table".

Even though, I woke a 2.5 hours earlier than I'm used to, I manage to do a lot of work during the travel from Vaasa to Helsinki. Which is crucial for the next week's conference. From Helsinki, I then took a bus to Otaniemi. 

After the meeting, I got a ride to Ruoholahti, Helsinki, from where I walked to the station. It is always a pleasure to visit Helsinki, my old home city. It has developed so much during the time I have lived in Vaasa (soon 6 years). Helsinki is more international than it used to be. The city is also more and more like Stockholm and other notable cities. (keep in mind though that it is still Finland = few people compared to other places - unpredictable weather [but when it rains, it rains the whole day {or week}] - and full of green during the summer).

I took some random pictures in my way to the station so that you might get an idea of the feeling of Helsinki:

It was a rainy like day. All customers were inside.

The flea market season wasn't yet properly started. 

A small park, when I was a kid, we used to call it "Ruttopuisto". I'm unsure if it's the official one or not.

Bicycles are pop! In Vaasa, they are normal stuff. But in Helsinki, it is common to use a helmet. 

What I like the most in these work trips is meeting people outside my dayly circle. It is motivating in many aspects. Some examples include the change of ideas, discussing research, discussing job markets and seeing other options than working at the university after graduation. Being a part of a project is really good work experience, which I value. 


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