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Housing Application Process - Part 2

A lot has happened. It turned out that I wasn't eligible for the housing I wrote about in Part 1. I have crossed fingers and hoped for the best while browsing the housing offers of the private sector. But today, just an hour or so after leaving the office, I received an email from AU Housing: 

"Dear Carita Eklund    
We are happy to inform you that we have reserved housing for you. This email contains important information about your housing offer, deadlines, cancellation policy ---"

I am so relieved! The apartment was offered only to me and I had 48 hours to decide. After a quick check of location (12 min to uni by bike), the decision was made. I payed the rent of the first month with credit card (there aren't any other options), which costs 78,51 DKK (10,55€). The deposit (over 1300€) needs to be payed with the second rent. The rent is luckily reasonable, less than 500€ per month. 
The apartment should be furnished and 36 square meters.

Yay, I have a home in Risskov…