Hi from the Campus!

New students are moving in with the help of their parents. Starting next week, my colleagues get back to work and tomorrow I move to Denmark. The semester starts officially in September. Did you know that our campus is a great place to haunt some Pokemons? They are the reason why I have been spending many hours on campus - even though I'm on holiday!

Domus Botnica in the sun light.

"Auringon lapsi", the Child of the Sun

The sea is a great neighbor. 

Fabriikki in the spot light. 

Place that I found after spending couple of years on campus. Inner yard between Teknobotnia and Fabriikki.

Here will soon be lots and lots of bikes. Building in the front is Konttori.

A part of Puuvilla -houses. 
Sunbaths on campus. How about studying outside..? 

Ready for the semester? 


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