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PhD Seminar: How to Communicate Your Research as a Young Scholar, Day 2

In the third workshop, we had professors Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen and Carten Jensen to tell us about publishing. They also pointed out that as a young scholars, using time for non-academic writings and presentations is not strategic: they don't count towards tenure. This conflicted a lot with the discussions that I have been following in Finland. Like at the conference in Pori, Finnish professors were telling how scientists should be more openly in social media. Additionally, in our evaluation format there is a place for public visibility.. Maybe I should rethink about blogging? Although, I am not using my "work hours" for writing here - which is why the topics and texts are quite light. In any case, it is something to think about in addition to should I stay (in academia) or should I go (to industry).

The biggest take away from this workshop was cover letter in which you should tell the editor "why this is a must -publish" for exactly their journal. It should b…

PhD Seminar: How to Communicate Your Research as a Young Scholar, Day 1

The doctoral students of political department had organized a two day seminar far away from campus (although nothing is actually really  far in Denmark). The ride took couple of hours and the place was astonishing.

Steffen Armstrong Gjedde told us about using new media. Quite many had a researchgate account and also was mentioned. To me, there were several new hints even though I already had had some lectures about it. 
ORCID - to make sure your research is linked to you. it helps also with name changes. Mendeley - you can use it for reference organization tool? I better get to know this. CreativeComments - helps to deal with copyrights and to allow the use of your material. 
But that's not all! We also received useful links. One of them is which has a section about literature review (a part that I find hart). It indeed looks like a good resource. Then, Altmetricblog was recommended for a strategy of an online presence. I am also considering th…

Summer Parties

It seems that the Danes want to celebrate the summer when it is ending. It also looks like as important party as the pre-Christmas parties in Finland. For an introvert like me, it's been a tough week. We had a running team at the Aarhus Motion event on Thursday, Business School's Summer party on Friday and the Summer party of student housing in Vejby on Saturday. Thus, I am now happy to stay at home a prepare for the behavioral economics of education course.

BSS Summer Party was totally different from the parties that my university or department arrange. First, the payment method: When bought the entrance, you also pay for food and drinks (partly illegal in Finland). The entrance costed approximately 20 € and included 30 coupons. With 6 coupons you could get a hamburger, with 2 a beer or class of wine and with 3 an ice cream. So, no one needed to buy more of them. Second, it mixed alumni, staff and students. Third, they had three very good bands! I am now a fan of TENNIS. They…

Settled down

The advantages of the office start to feel normal and - the research is going great! I'm used to having possibility to get a fruit and thus be able to stay later at work. I'm used to the free good coffee. More importantly, the advises and comments that I have got from Carter, who is my host here, have encouraged me to think deeper. 
There has also been a lot of social interaction, like a team running yesterday (Aarhus motion).  Today is the summer fest of the Business School and tomorrow is the summer party of the student "kollegium" where I live. I have also made a lot of excursions by my self. 
This morning, we had Ismael Rafols from Valencia to speak about his current research (Exploring (mis)alignments between science supply and societal demand) of how scientific research supply correspondences to the societal demand of research. In short, research is driven by funding that is affected by intention groups. The solution is not always the optimal one. The work is …

Real Life Experiment: Is Denmark REALLY That Expensive (Compared to Finland)?

So, I am in this cool little country, called Denmark. It has an own currency, unlike Finland. Now, 1 DKK =  0.1345 € meaning that 10 DKK is approximately 1.35 €. Well, this is a hard calculation to do when you're tired after work. Thus, the prices in stores don't tell me much. But let's this time check: Is Denmark really that expensive?

I went to this local store calle Fotex:

I needed stuff. And I mostly followed the funny discounts. Like: Buy 2 get the second one practically for free! Buy this product for -30% and these for -50%... Yep, it's a deal. Noteworthy: There are many discounts in the store, simply too many.

But what does it mean in €uros? First of all, the total cost was 182.85 DKK.

According to Google, I just spend 24.58 € (27.32 US Dollars). Additionally, the tights that I bought made almost 40 % of this. Wow, they were relatively expensive..

Balsam: 10 DKK = 1.34 € = $1.49  --> Cheap!

Tights: 69 DKK = 9.28 € = $ 10.30 --> affordable / approx normal (ha…

First day at the University of Aarhus

I managed to find the right building and the right research center: Dansk Center for Forskningsanalyse (CFA). Everyone is very friendly, helpful and welcoming. The coffee machines are amazing: there is cappuccino! There is also plenty of different kinds of tea to choose from. This should promote everyone's productivity! My office is also very cool with two lovely roommates. The table is electronic and I got to borrow a brand new keyboard and muse. The keyboard felt so good that all I wanted to do was to write my first article. (I was also happy to discover that the draft wasn't in as bad shape as I remembered.) 
No wonder that PhD takes here only three years! 
Oh, and on my way back to home, I only took a wrong street four times (with googlemaps of course). Biking with google maps on your phone and that phone in your hand is hard. Additionally, the bike traffic is hectic. It will take a while to get used to it and to remember the way home by heart. 
So, all is good. I am taki…

First Days in AARHUS

Finally, I am in Aarhus. For now, everything is good. But obviously, everything didn't go that smoothly. It was very very hard to say good bye to my loved one and, let me be honest, I wanted to cancel the whole thing when heading to the security check. But I didn't.
The second and third flights left late from schedule. I was only worried for missing the third flight. I had booked my flight so that my mom would have the same flight from Copenhagen to Aarhus. She left from Helsinki, unlike me. However, there was plenty of time to have dinner at the Copenhagen airport (as the third flight was so late). Lovely place by the way. 
I had one carry-one baggage, one luggage and a big backpack. The backpack didn't arrive. I hadn't had sufficiently time to fill the files at the airport as the kind airport bus driver came to check that all potential passenger would be on the bus. He gave me contact information to the airport and told that I could arrange my luggage later - if I w…