First day at the University of Aarhus

I managed to find the right building and the right research center: Dansk Center for Forskningsanalyse (CFA). Everyone is very friendly, helpful and welcoming. The coffee machines are amazing: there is cappuccino! There is also plenty of different kinds of tea to choose from. This should promote everyone's productivity! My office is also very cool with two lovely roommates. The table is electronic and I got to borrow a brand new keyboard and muse. The keyboard felt so good that all I wanted to do was to write my first article. (I was also happy to discover that the draft wasn't in as bad shape as I remembered.) 

No wonder that PhD takes here only three years! 

Oh, and on my way back to home, I only took a wrong street four times (with googlemaps of course). Biking with google maps on your phone and that phone in your hand is hard. Additionally, the bike traffic is hectic. It will take a while to get used to it and to remember the way home by heart. 

So, all is good. I am taking small steps but they seem to be in the right direction. :) Denmark is superb, Aarhus is fantastic and the university seems very promising (=perfect for research). As you might already know, Danes are a lovely folk! 

But I need to get some sleep (I could barely sleep last night). God nat :) 


  1. Aarhus University welcomes all new students. Get resources and support professional dissertation writers.

  2. Thanks for comment Eden. AU is very good university. However, I think that your link has missed the point in PhD and education.

    The dissertation is important but if it's not written by you the value is zero. Doing a PhD should develop the candidate, not only the written product. I think that using proof reading is okay, but "ordering" a thesis is ethically totally wrong towards the candidate, other PhD students and PhD's. In the future I'll be removing comments with such context / links as they serve no one. I welcome links to useful writing advises etc.

    Happy holidays.


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