First Days in AARHUS

Finally, I am in Aarhus. For now, everything is good. But obviously, everything didn't go that smoothly. It was very very hard to say good bye to my loved one and, let me be honest, I wanted to cancel the whole thing when heading to the security check. But I didn't.

The second and third flights left late from schedule. I was only worried for missing the third flight. I had booked my flight so that my mom would have the same flight from Copenhagen to Aarhus. She left from Helsinki, unlike me. However, there was plenty of time to have dinner at the Copenhagen airport (as the third flight was so late). Lovely place by the way. 

I had one carry-one baggage, one luggage and a big backpack. The backpack didn't arrive. I hadn't had sufficiently time to fill the files at the airport as the kind airport bus driver came to check that all potential passenger would be on the bus. He gave me contact information to the airport and told that I could arrange my luggage later - if I was willing to take the bus. Pros: I got easily to the hotel (Scandic). Cons: The backpack. I phoned there at 9 pm from the hotel room - and the service was closed. I called there in the morning, as told, and had some communication problems. Anyway, I then emailed the information needed and after approximately one hour I got a call back. So, the back thing went on. In the evening, I collected the back from the reception. I was so (tired and) relieved.  

Look at that happy face!

Next, there was worries about finding the international office (for collecting the keys),  the new apartment and a bike for the morning (to get to the university).

We walked here the day before. Today we borrowed the bikes of our hotel (it was free), biked here and back. Then we took a taxi to the apartment with all the belongings. 

Brand new Danish bike. It felt like buying a new car as I didn't receive it right away. Long story, happy ending :)

Aarhus Housing has performed much much better than I could imagine. The line was nonexistent, I got much important information and the moment was pleasant in all respects. It was much easier than similar stuff in Vaasa, Germany or in the States. Also, in my new kitchen should have been "basic kitchen equipment". Whoa. Yep, plates, forks.. almost all needed (I had coffee machine in my luggage as it is super important to me). They were all new IKEA products. I feel very lucky. Additionally, the nearest grocery store is found! Tomorrows big tasks include and are not limited to: finding to the office from my new apartment, settling to new office + back to work, finding back home, getting mom safely to the airport and checking IKEA (that's near to the bus station). 

I love my new apartment !


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