PhD Seminar: How to Communicate Your Research as a Young Scholar, Day 1

The doctoral students of political department had organized a two day seminar far away from campus (although nothing is actually really  far in Denmark). The ride took couple of hours and the place was astonishing.

Steffen Armstrong Gjedde told us about using new media. Quite many had a researchgate account and also was mentioned. To me, there were several new hints even though I already had had some lectures about it. 

ORCID - to make sure your research is linked to you. it helps also with name changes.
Mendeley - you can use it for reference organization tool? I better get to know this.
CreativeComments - helps to deal with copyrights and to allow the use of your material. 

But that's not all! We also received useful links. One of them is which has a section about literature review (a part that I find hart). It indeed looks like a good resource. Then, Altmetricblog was recommended for a strategy of an online presence. I am also considering that I should put some of my slides into slidesshare.  

Next two workshops were about oral presentations. Linda Greve had made her PhD in gestures and helped us to tackle scientific presentation by dividing it into four parts. She stressed planning where my biggest take away was the importance of clear closure. 

We also got concrete hints for preparation just before the speech.

* Power Posing. The position in which you're sitting affects to the presentation. Thus, open up, solders back. This tells your body that you're in control of the situation and supports blood circulation. 
* Think about Mirroring. We did an exercise that actually explained me why I found speaking to one senior professor so hard. When the listener avoids eye contact, does not smile or nod, it is hard to find the words and to formulate that sentence. A good audience supports the speaker by actively listening. In conference, it might help to recognize this mirror effect. 

During the presentation, there are 4 things to check
1. eye contact. One strategy is that you draw a letter M into the audience.
2. smile :)
3. gesture. How you use your hands, max one hand may be at the pocket at a time.
4. feet. No zumba on stage. Try to record your presentation and look it with doble speed to find out what your body does (the most people don't know).

In the evening, we went for an evening walk!


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