PhD Seminar: How to Communicate Your Research as a Young Scholar, Day 2

In the third workshop, we had professors Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen and Carten Jensen to tell us about publishing. They also pointed out that as a young scholars, using time for non-academic writings and presentations is not strategic: they don't count towards tenure. This conflicted a lot with the discussions that I have been following in Finland. Like at the conference in Pori, Finnish professors were telling how scientists should be more openly in social media. Additionally, in our evaluation format there is a place for public visibility.. Maybe I should rethink about blogging? Although, I am not using my "work hours" for writing here - which is why the topics and texts are quite light. In any case, it is something to think about in addition to should I stay (in academia) or should I go (to industry).

a tired doctoral student.

The biggest take away from this workshop was cover letter in which you should tell the editor "why this is a must -publish" for exactly their journal. It should be short, from ten to fifteen lines. They are getting more popular but there ain't any given format yet.

Some other notes:
  • Words to soften rejection: the journals can only publish a very small amount of all articles that they receive.
  • Books:
    - older faculty still respects
    - HUGE investment
    - only university press (Princeton etc.) can impress
    - it takes couple of years from book proposal to book
    - at the proposal, explain why it would sell. It needs to sell. 
  • Funding:
    - Target: why this is relevant to society and research.
    - In the application, answer What, Why and How (theoretically and empirically) 


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