Settled down

The advantages of the office start to feel normal and - the research is going great! I'm used to having possibility to get a fruit and thus be able to stay later at work. I'm used to the free good coffee. More importantly, the advises and comments that I have got from Carter, who is my host here, have encouraged me to think deeper. 

There has also been a lot of social interaction, like a team running yesterday (Aarhus motion).  Today is the summer fest of the Business School and tomorrow is the summer party of the student "kollegium" where I live. I have also made a lot of excursions by my self. 

This morning, we had Ismael Rafols from Valencia to speak about his current research (Exploring (mis)alignments between science supply and societal demand) of how scientific research supply correspondences to the societal demand of research. In short, research is driven by funding that is affected by intention groups. The solution is not always the optimal one. The work is still in process but I hope that the paper will be well popularized when the time comes!

Other cool experiences so far include the Danish language and the Nordic Co-operation. First, the Danish is sometimes understandable and learning it seems highly supported by government and colleagues. Second, the Nordic network is much stronger than I had realized. For example, my Finnish social security number works here almost as the Danish counterpart. That helped in getting a GYM membership at Fitness World. Additionally, at registrations for countrywide PhD courses, I'm treated like local: no participation fee! 

Denmark has a countrywide PhD program in my field, just like FDPE: The Danish Graduate Program in Economics DGPE. I found an intriguing short course about Behavioral Economics of Education that last three days and counts for 2 study credits if you complete the written article 5-10 pages and have read all the material, which is huge. There is also another 10 points course at the Aarhus University but maybe that would take too much time from the research. Anyhow, I am really excited to participate in this class and learn about experiment methods.

Pictures are from Ribe.


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