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10 Danish Things

1) Carrots  Lunch and dinner. Most of my colleagues eat carrots as a part of their lunch every single day. And why not? Carrots are healthy and here they are very tasty.

2) Pullover / Sweater.  That seems to be in Fashion (for practical reasons?)

3) Open windows To ensure better air quality. The other local Finns told me that the automatic "air conditioning" is not enough and that the inside air quality isn't necessarily that good. A Danish friend told me a minimum time to have a window open at my home. So, windows open. 
4) Bikes The best way to get around. Usually, Danes lift a hand up when they stop and lift it to the side of the aimed direction when turning. Biking is almost like driving a car expect that cars are usually very careful with minding the bikers. There are lots of bike roads. 
5) Lines If you were there first, you will be served first. If you try to skip waiting, you will gain bad looks..
6) Discussion culture Can I back this into my suitcase and bring i…

Autumn Miracle in Aarhus, Denmark

Here are some photos that I have taken during the walking breaks, which have become my new habit. Aarhus (and Denmark in general) is a fantastic place to live and work. The nature is just couple of steps away.

I present some of them here in two parts. Let's start with campus and the lake near to the department of political science and CFA (Dansk Center for Forskningsanalyse) where I am located.

Part one: campus

Part two: other beauties outside city center.

(photos are from last month, couple of days back we got the first snow)