10 Danish Things

1) Carrots 

Lunch and dinner. Most of my colleagues eat carrots as a part of their lunch every single day. And why not? Carrots are healthy and here they are very tasty.

I had to buy one.
This pictures is originally
 meant to my beloved one.  

2) Pullover / Sweater. 

That seems to be in Fashion (for practical reasons?)

3) Open windows

To ensure better air quality. The other local Finns told me that the automatic "air conditioning" is not enough and that the inside air quality isn't necessarily that good. A Danish friend told me a minimum time to have a window open at my home. So, windows open. 

4) Bikes

The best way to get around. Usually, Danes lift a hand up when they stop and lift it to the side of the aimed direction when turning. Biking is almost like driving a car expect that cars are usually very careful with minding the bikers. There are lots of bike roads. 

From Tivoli Friheden.

5) Lines

If you were there first, you will be served first. If you try to skip waiting, you will gain bad looks..

6) Discussion culture

Can I back this into my suitcase and bring it to Finland? In meeting, everyone can comment. It is not only said but it is also meant. This might follow from extreme equality that Danes enjoy. In other context, a friend replied to my wondering: I can support the good atmosphere as much as my boss.

Another difference to Finland: sad topics are not avoided. Discussing brings solutions and comfort. 

7) Candles and other pretty lights

They say that Danes consume the most candles. Well, they go well with hygge.

8) Good work-life balance 

At 6 pm the offices tend to be empty. Many has praised Denmark for this.

9) Brakes are short

I am used to coffee brakes, here we just go to get the coffee and come back to work. Lunch lasts typically 30 minutes or less. Lunch meetings are also common. My friends say it's because everyone wants to leave early. This is the opposite in my home university but I am starting to enjoy the Danish (or AU?) model..

Lounge at AU

10) Nature

.. is stunning and nature respectable consumption choices seem to be preferred.  

First snow


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